In the elegant dining room created by designer Alessandro La Spada, the precious details emphasize the beauty of the whole. The main protagonist in the space is the Brèche de Vendôme by Antolini, that creates eccentric backgrounds of iridescent shades Pompeian red to purple, from ultramarine blue to grey and even gold. Refined and versatile, this marble creates real natural pictures in which the beauty of the stone, in all its expressive power, reveals traits of unexpected shapes that reproduce decorations typical of old Venetian tapestries.

Brèche de Vendôme is an original marble from France, and used as the material of choice across the country to adorn many palaces and churches, especially in Paris. Easy to recognize by its brecciated nature, characterized by an extraordinary mixture of tones - golden yellow and deep green shade, black and dark red - this chromatic vortex is hypnotic and sends the viewer into a wonderful world suspended in time and in space, where everything becomes possible, including acrobatics of colors and vaulting soul.

Thanks to its white reflective nature, the shiny floor in Bianco Lasa / Covelano "Vena Oro" contrasts with the rich colors of the room, enhancing the Brèche de Vendôme in all its bright and communicative beauty. This is the real essence of marble: uniform, compact, with crystalline fine grain. The marble Bianco Lasa/Covelano, from the Alps of Val Venosta, is one of the most valuable in the world. Experts appreciate its uniform appearance and the characteristic translucent white background color with light shading. It takes on a warm and even more precious tone in the Vena Oro type.

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