Serra, Espírito Santo, Brazil -- Established in 2007 by two brothers, Fernando and Daniel Xavier, Brothers In Granite recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as a producer and exporter of its own slabs primarily to the North American market, with a business model to be a bridge between buyers and sellers from Brazil and the U.S. The company was started in the brothers' family house using a laptop computer and lots of passion for the industry, combined with hard and honest work. The business rapidly grew and nowadays "the family," as it is called, has its own warehouse located in Serra, Espírito Santo, Brazil, with a total of 15 direct employees and over $4 million per year of sales.

"We buy our own blocks from many quarries in Brazil, which some of them, such as Supreme White marble, we have close partnerships, and we are focused on exporting mainly to fabricators all over in the U.S.," said Renato Furtado of Brothers In Granite.

"Our products line is made mostly of exotics granite, marbles and quartzite, but we also have most of the well-known basic colors from Brazil."

Brothers In Granite is proud of being a tool to help new importers, the majority of whom are fabricators, to start bringing in their own containers from Brazil. "We developed a program that takes care of everything related to the import process for our customers," said Furtado. "That means we are responsible for not only delivering great quality slabs at incredible affordable prices, but we also take care of international freight, customs clearance, import duties and every single detail related to importing until the container arrives at our customer's shop. All they need to worry about is to actually unload the container, which we also share advice on how to do safely, such as using an open top instead of close top container. We have an office and bank account in the U.S. too, and we also just started to accept credit card payments, which makes everything smoother for our customers."

Furtado emphasizes the company is a proud member of both the the MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute and the Stone Fabricators Alliance (SFA).

"In 2016, we organized two SFA trips to Brazil, with the main objective being to open their eyes for the possibilities of importing direct," said Furtado. "They've visited 10 factories while in Brazil, including ours, and experienced the culture and food [of the country] during an entire week, which was a huge success for the attendees and for the sellers."

Brother In Granite has evolved significantly since it was first started 10 years ago. "We have an innovated website in which we display our slabs in a modern live inventory system," said Furtado. "With a quick registration, customers can access pictures, full details and even prices from each single slab available in our warehouse in Brazil, in real time 24/7. In addition to that, the website works as an E-Commerce, therefore customers can actually place orders online."

The company also started construction on a large industry plant with over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, and which includes a polishing line. "We aim to double our sales for 2018," said Furtado.

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