The BOLD Summit, a business conference for principal designers, will host a designer showcase featuring products from luxury interior designers Sept. 25-27 in Chicago. The BOLD Product Showcase provides an opportunity for attending designers to display their products to the design community. The BOLD Designer Showcase is set to feature design industry products from designers including, Michelle Workman, Jillian O’Neill, Liz Carroll, Marlene Holmquist, Susan Winchester and Deborah Main.

“The BOLD Designer Product Showcase is one of my favorite elements of the BOLD Summit because it allows some of our attendees to showcase their talent and passion in a new way,” said Julia Molloy, founder of BOLD Summit and Julia Molloy Consulting. “It is an added benefit of being an attendee and allows us to shine a light on the product side of their business. Whether it be furniture, a fabric line, or home décor, the showcase gives our attendees a unique opportunity to get their products fantastic exposure not only within the design community but in the media as well.”

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