Eric Tryon, owner and founder of Premier Surfaces, recently announced the sale of his business to Clio Holdings. As part of the transaction, Tryon became the appointed CEO of Clio and will continue supporting the efforts of the organization’s nearly 1,000 employees in 17 locations.

“After our first meeting, our shared vision for the industry quickly became apparent,” said Tryon. “I am proud of the business that I built with Premier Surfaces and how it was well positioned for this next step but now I'm looking forward to championing the successful development of the Clio family.” 

Premier Surfaces was founded in 2002 with one location north of Atlanta, Ga., before acquiring operations in Birmingham, Ala., and Chattanooga, Tenn., and opening a new location in Huntsville, Ala. Following the acquisitions, Tryon and his team were successful in transforming each business by sharing best practices and implementing a teamwork mentality for all associates.

“Our industry continues to evolve and we are at a critical point where information sharing is key for continued growth,” said Tryon. “The Rockhead Group, and all of its company-members, which include individual fabricator businesses, manufacturers, tooling and service providers, are a great example of how our industry is joining forces to elevate the way in which we do business. I am very thankful for my network of peer stone fabricators that have allowed me to not only professionalize my individual business but also now give me the ability to run Clio Holdings and its multiple operations. The entrepreneurial spirit and vive of the Rockheads is certainly one of a kind and one that has added tremendous value in my career.”

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