Zucchi Stones, a leading exporter of luxury stone in Brazil, recently opened a marble processing plant. The new division, located in Serra, a city in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, will guarantee the production of more noble marbles, with quality processing.

According to the president of Zucchi Stones, Jonas Zucchi, the marble fabrication plant aims to improve the processing of Brazilian marble and to produce more varieties of this type of stone.

“With this new division, we will have in Brazil the capacity to produce marble with the same quality that is produced in Italy — a market recognized for the quality processing of this type of stone,” he said. “Our new industry raises the quality of Brazilian marble to this level and reinforces Zucchi’s belief in betting on natural stones and diversity, adding more value and exclusivity in our product line.”

More than a stone, this is art

According to Zucchi, Brazil has many marbles that are poorly processed due to lack of equipment. “As we have always been about innovation ever since when we set up the exotic granite division and processing with resins, we believe that our product is under-rated by processing,” he said. “Therefore, the decision to open this factory meets the need to produce a product of a high standard. In addition, Brazil has a huge number of marble deposits that have not been explored yet. We believe that our country can be a major producer of marble in the future.

“One of the great strengths of a natural stone is its unique beauty,” Zucchi went on to explain. “It is no wonder Zucchi bets on this exclusivity and innovation to create more and more value for the company’s products —especially marble, which is not a trend, but always in fashion. Marble is luxurious. It can be used for floors, countertops and wall covering, and has always been synonymous with exclusivity since it is being produced more than 3,000 years ago. If you go to Rome, the cradle of humanity, you will see that all of its beauty is covered with marble.”

Highlighting the exclusivity of this product, Zucchi emphasizes the unique personality of each stone. “Zucchi’s new marble line will free the soul from rough stone, transforming it into art,” he said. “We have always believed innovation is a differential. We were the first Brazilian company to apply resin to improve the quality standard of our products. And now, once again, we innovate to raise the quality, create exclusivity and beauty in Brazilian marble.”

Equipment and production

Zucchi’s new factory, which is scheduled to begin production in May 2017, has the capacity to process high demand, but initially, the company will work with a capacity of 30,000 square meters per month, with a high-quality finish. The new facility houses machines supplied by Simec.

“Quality was a priority for equipment decisions,” explained Zucchi. “To make high-quality products, we need the best equipment. We believe that very much. Simec produces the best marble processing lines in the world. This industrial line is lighter and faster, composed of four diamond looms and a complete line of preparation, resin, polishing, with electronic ovens and ultra violet drying system, exclusive in Brazil.”

The company will process 2- and 3-cm material, as well as special-request projects. “We will provide polished, brushed, leathered and honed finishes,” said Zucchi. “We will create a new exclusive line of high-standard marbles.”

Zucchi Stones has two of its own marble quarries where it is beginning the extraction of blocks. “Both are in the northeast of Brazil,” said Zucchi. “In addition, we have other materials that we are analyzing to know if we will start exploration.”