NEW YORK, NY -- Silestone, a world leader in quartz surfacing, recently launched Iconic White, the purest, lightest and brightest white currently available on the market for quartz materials.

Building on Silestone's success of its White Zeus and White Zeus Extreme colors, two of the best-selling colors in the brand's history, Iconic White takes popular white quartz to the next level with its unparalleled vibrant, refined and luminous appearance.

White, often an integral and essential part of modern design, embraces clean, uncluttered spaces. Iconic White provides an even purer white than its predecessors with a myriad of applications across residential and commercial applications, as well as hospitality settings, including kitchen countertops, vanities, bar tops, wall cladding and more.

Developing a color with such an extraordinary degree of whiteness required significant innovation from the Cosentino Research and Development team to not only ensure its aesthetic, but the durability that makes it a category leader.

"Iconic White is for designers, architects and homeowners looking for the ultimate sleek, modern appearance in their projects, coupled with durability only Silestone can offer," said Lorenzo Marquez, vice president of marketing for Cosentino North America. "Solid white surfaces will always be in demand and we are especially thrilled to have pushed Silestone's innovation to a new level with Iconic White."

As with all Silestone natural quartz products, Iconic White is virtually non-porous and never needs to be sealed. It is easy to clean and has high scratch, stain and heat resistance.

Silestone retails from $49 to $110 per square foot installed, depending on color, thickness and finish. Iconic White is available in thicknesses of 1.2, 2 and 3cm at kitchen and bath dealers and Cosentino Centers nationwide. Silestone quartz offers a 25-year limited transferable manufacturer's warranty. For more information, visit