In the global paneling market, natural stone — rather than wood, quartz, ceramics and other synthetic materials — while being recognized for its values of exclusivity and quality, pays the price of a difficult distribution of samples. Apart from the weight problem of the actual sample, which is difficult to transport and handle — especially in the hands of the final customers — small-sized samples are not able to express and transmit to the final user the sinuous movements of the veining and the peculiarities of the texture present on the slabs.

Although aware that natural stone should be seen, cherished and savored in person, Cereser wanted to give a concrete answer to these and many other needs, and decided to give life to a smartphone application that uses augmented reality technology within the natural stone field. Custom-designed for fabricators, kitchen studios and designers, it also shows itself as a compelling and indispensable tool for the final users. Once downloaded from the store, through a real-time reading of specially made markers, the application allows the visualization of full-size samples and practical applications, such as sinks and hobs.

The Cereser application is designed for practical use by fabricators and others in the stone industry to assist clients in the choice of their stone materials. Its use within stores specializing in the sale of kitchens allows users to impress clients with a dynamic and engaging presentation which emphasizes the quality of the kitchens. The final clients are also given the option to continue the augmented reality experience in their own home. Thanks to a special card kit, customers can scan the markers which will transform into tiles available in various thicknesses and materials.

Designers, interior designers and all lovers of natural stone can experience the application of large-scale samples with ease and in an efficient way directly in the project environment. Stone has never been so light and so easy to match to textiles, colors and other materials.

Available for Android and iOS operating systems, the application is called Cereser and can be downloaded for free from the stores.