ROMEOVILLE, IL -- Laser Products has announced a strategic partnership with Northwood Designs, creators of Slabsmith. Under the agreement, Laser Products will use its industry expertise to distribute, develop and support customized applications of the Slabsmith technology for individual countertop fabricators.

Slabsmith is a sophisticated slab matching and management tool that uses photographs to produce digital slabs that are highly accurate in color, dimensions and unique slab properties. It is the only software that gives users a robust inventory management tool that optimizes slab usage, significantly reduces water and streamlines countertop manufacturing.

Under the terms of the agreement, in addition to Slabsmith sales, Laser Products will assist customers with the requisition and set-up of the photography and studio equipment needed to optimize Slabsmith; build customized computer systems that integrate with existing corporate administrative programs; and conduct on-site training sessions.

"Partnering with Slabsmith is a perfect fit for our companies and a win-win for our customers," said Dan Louis, president of Laser Products. "Our company is well-known for manufacturing products that offer simple solutions to complicated problems. That's what Slabsmith does for slab matching and management. Combining their software with our sales and engineering expertise will help fabricators improve their business and their profits."

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