CLEVELAND, OH -- The Rockhead Group USA, LLC (RGU)continues to build its national presence as a network of stone fabrication executives. Currently RGU is represented in over 80 locations nationwide. In July, RGU welcomed three new members, including Fred Christen of Hallmark Stone, Travis Collins of BC Stone and Frank Muraca of Carolina Counters.

The group has grown rapidly in a very short period of time, due to its unique structure centered on continuous quality improvement, best practice sharing and learning.

"We were introduced to the group through BACA systems," Muraca explained. "We had spent time with BACA and other owners of the Robo Sawjet and that time together was a fantastic forum for learning. The discounts of a national buying group are great, but the real benefit is the ability to share best practices in virtually every area of operational efficiency. Every shop has something they excel at and some area where there is weakness. With Rockheads, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to solve a problem or strengthen a department -- someone in the group has already solved the problem or knows how to excel in that area."

RGU hosts three networking opportunities per year and also facilitates monthly virtual meetings focused on improving operational performance, with topics ranging from creating a positive company culture to statistical process control.

"There is a synergy that exists when the best minds in the business network and collaborate to achieve industry excellence," stated Dr. Dawn Kennedy, RGU CEO, emphasizing the value of the group.