OBERLIN, OH and CHESTERTOWN, NYWomen in Stone has unveiled two new opportunities to support the program's efforts to promote women in the stone industry.

The Women in Stone Pioneer Award will recognize an advocate within the stone industry for their role in recruiting, retaining and advancing women. The winner's performance in promoting women should be exemplary, honorable and inspirational.

"The Pioneer Award recognizes an individual who has ventured into the unknown to educate and empower women in our industry," commented Women in Stone co-chair Allyson Humphries

(M S International).

Co-chair Kim Dumais (Miller Druck Specialty Contracting) agreed adding, "There are many individuals within our industry who go above and beyond to educate and elevate women. This award has been established to acknowledge those individuals and recognize them publicly for their efforts."

The Women in Stone Empowerment Scholarship will provide an MIA+BSI member with an all-expense paid trip to a 2017 industry event (TISE, Coverings, or an MIA+BSI study tour). The winner will also be able to shadow industry professionals during the event, in order to gain a better understanding of different sectors of the industry. Applicants should be a first-time attendee of the chosen event, and should have between two to five years of stone industry experience.

"The Empowerment Scholarship is designed to provide an opportunity that otherwise may not be accessible to women in the industry," explained Dumais. "The scholarship offers a unique opportunity to be personally guided, mentored and exposed to all aspects of our industry."

Humphries agrees. "The scholarship is the perfect vehicle for the woman who needs a kick start to her career and wants to learn more about our industry."

Nominations for the Pioneer Award and applications for the Empowerment Scholarship are due by Friday, September 9th. To download forms, please visit www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/womeninstone