Recognized for its high quality, pre-colored cartridge - based adhesives — that offer an accurate color match when laminating, mitering and seaming quartz, natural stone and solid surfaces — Integra Adhesives is now launching Surface Bonder Ultra, a new adhesive made for an ultra-wide range of surfaces and applications.

Surface Bonder Ultra works in extreme weather conditions, both indoor and outdoor, and has a high UV resistance, so colors will not fade in the sun. It can be fabricated to provide a honed, gloss or textured finish during cure for truly invisible seams on any surface. With over 4,000 PSI bond strength, Ultra will bond to multiple surfaces, from quartz to natural stone, ceramic, ultra-compact materials and glass. Additionally, it won’t stain or yellow, which is ideal for white material.

“Countertop surface options and applications used to be limited, but not anymore,” said Integra. “Our goal was to develop an adhesive that is as versatile as possible.”

Offered pre-colored in a 215 ml 2:1 cartridge, or as a tintable clear 1-quart can, Surface Bonder Ultra is the newest addition to Integra’s full line of adhesives and accessories. Color charts can be downloaded from the company’s website or mobile app.