Comandulli began in Castelleone, Italy, in the early ‘70s as a craft-oriented business managed by Ernesto Comandulli, who used his own patent for the first, new concept “edge polishing” for processing stone. In the past decades, Comandulli has become a leading manufacturer of high technology marble, granite and stone processing machines.

To satisfy the everyday increasing demand of the countertop industry for eased edge and flat polish, the SPIRA was born. In one single path, the SPIRA generates and polishes the edge profile plus smooths up the overhang - nothing more is needed for the perfect countertop. Known by several names: rolled edge, eased edge, T-Profiles, single or double pencil round, the SPIRA generates small radiuses from
1/16- inch up to ¼- inch top and bottom; it also features “double” productivity in belt speed and is low maintenance thanks to a new Comandulli patented system. The SPIRA also runs flat polish edges with very small bevels at amazing speed.

The SPIRA features many innovative characteristics such as a roller bench for heady duty loads, extra sturdy body, the highest quality components available in the market, top of the line rust protection, stainless steel and anodized aluminum components, oil driven motors under the radius polishing bay and several other details that place the SPIRA and Comandulli a notch ahead of the competition.

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