Since it was established in 2006, Fortuna Granitos do Brasil has continually invested in its stone processing business, including several expansions of its facility. Founded by Anderson Fortuna, the company is stationed in B.S. Francisco, Espírito Santo (ES), Brazil, and it owns two quarries. While it considers the U.S. its primary market, Fortuna Granitos has experienced growth in other markets in recent years.

“When we talk about our entire production, 70% we export and 30% stays in our domestic market,” said Fortuna. “Our main focus is in the U.S. market, but in the last two years, we increased considerably our sales to Europe and the Middle East.”

Fortuna Granitos only sells to distributors. “We have our sales manager living in the U.S. where we can give a personal service to most of our clients,” explained Fortuna.

The company first expanded its facility in 2007 with a new 36,600-square-foot warehouse. The following year, it added another 16,500 square feet to the warehouse. In 2010, Fortuna Granitos once again extended the size of its storage area by building another 13,500 square feet of space. That same year, it purchased a Pedrini and a Simec mill cutting machine.

Three years later, Fortuna Granitos once again invested in technology. The company bought three Pedrini multi-wire saws. It also added another 21,550 square feet of space to its warehouse. Today, the company has a 104,700-square-foot slab yard and industrial park.

This year, Fortuna Granitos invested in a Pedrini automatic resin line for high-end exotic material. Additional equipment includes five gangsaws and a Pedrini polishing line.

In the factory, Fortuna Granitos has 150 workers, and it has 30 more workers between its two quarries. “We produce slabs and tiles of basic, exotic, super exotic granites and quartzites,” said Fortuna. “Our monthly capacity is about 645,000 square feet of all types of material. We expect to increase our capacity with our new resin line — increasing priority of our production of super exotic materials.”

The two quarries owned by the company are located within the state of Espírito Santo. One produces Santa Cecilia yellow granite and the other produces Green Peacock granite. “We use the most modern equipment available on the market, and the most efficient extraction methods that the main quarries utilize,” said Fortuna.