Brothers José Geraldo and Jose Antonio Guidoni founded Guidoni Group in 1989 in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Since then Guidoni has grown swiftly, becoming one of the most prominent producers and exporters of granite among companies in Brazil.

Guidoni has also been seeking improvements for the industry as a whole. The group operates in all the productive chains of the sector, contributing to the improvement of equipment and sharing its technical analysis with the main machinery and equipment manufacturers in the world. These partnerships have generated innovations in quality and speed.

The Group follows a modern human resources structure, which works to seek and develop the highest qualified team of professionals that fall within the market demand standards.

Guidoni currently has 779 employees for direct jobs. Within that, 170 employees act in the administrative departments and 69 in the industrial operations. Additionally, 480 work in the extraction operations.

The company’s 35 quarries operate with the latest technology — promoting safety for its workers.

To serve all of its clients, the industrial park has a total area of 98,680 square meters. The slabs sales department exports an average of 220 containers per month.

In 2013, Guidoni reached a record of extracting 15,000 cubic meters per month. A growth assumption of more than 30% is expected for the upcoming years, in response to demands of the domestic and international markets.

With regard to equipment, in the polishing sector Guidoni has four automatic polishing machines and one honing machine with the quality control of each slab being monitored by scanners for individual size and thickness. The factory also houses seven multi-wire machines and two automatic resin lines equipped with vacuum chambers, automatic dosers and microwave kilns.

The company’s slabs sales department deals with the main distributors all over the American continent, exporting specially to the U.S. market, plus Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The breakdown of sales by marketing areas and products are as follows: U.S. 39.26%, China 25.57%, Taiwan 14.17% and Canada: 4.17%.

“Currently, we produce blocks, slabs for exportation and tiles for big contractors in the capital cities across the domestic market,” said Rafael Delogo, the marketing and advertising coordinator at Guidoni. “We, together with Rock Block, a marketing and advertising agency specialized in the stone sector, have been developing research, architectural and technical analyses of a range of products to launch new brands in 2015 and 2016.”

The company’s block sales department commits a big share of its production on big projects, working directly with important developers and contractors mainly in China, Taiwan, Italy, Spain and Dubai. In order to assure the commercial integrity of its clients, Guidoni prefers to not work with distribution centers abroad. Its logistics system was strategically structured to offer a fast and stable flow of its materials to the port. In addition, a consolidated partnership with the main sea transport agents and ship owners guarantees the shipment of materials in a short time.

With regard to the U.S. market, the company’s stones are commonly used in kitchens for countertops, tabletops, backsplashes and decorative accents; bathrooms for sinks and basins; and inside for baseboards, door casings and window frames.

“Our U.S. top distributors normally apply our materials in large scale for luxury apartments and condos, such as the One Plantation Place in Florida, for example, among others across the country,” said Delogo. “In the Middle East, we have provided materials for projects such as the Mall of Dubai, the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research, among others. In Asia, some such as the Shanghai Citi Bank, the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting, the Sans Souci, the Fortune Heights and the Royal Castle and the Yi Pin Yuan.”