Park Industries®
Titan CNC Routers

Titan CNC routers from Park Industries allow the user to cut, route, shape and polish high-quality parts — while delivering lower costs and maximum uptime. With fast machine movements (over 2,000 IPM), users are able to complete work in optimal time. The Titan’s exclusive iTECH Interface Technology makes programming and running easy, with no computer codes to remember.

According to Park Industries, the Titan is one of the most popular digital stone fabrication machines ever made; refined, tested and proven for the ultimate in durable, high-performance operation and efficiency.

Models available include the Titan 1600, Titan 1700, Titan 1800 and Titan FAB Center.


Salem Stone

Omag Mill 4X

Omag has long been regarded as an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing CNC equipment in its Zanica, Italy, facility. Its equipment is renowned worldwide for its accuracy, software, reliability and rugged design.

The Mill 4X is a four-axis CNC work center designed specifically for the stone industry. Its design offers versatility and flexibility for work on granite, marble and other natural stones as well as compounds. It is ruggedly constructed with a powerful spindle, quality mechanical elements and electronic components to provide maximum profitability on the investment, with high production and longer life.

Omag has successfully integrated simple operation with complex output capabilities.The software package is PC compatible, for use with Omag customized CAD/CAM programs The controls are easy to learn and simple to operate, making it ideal for both single-unit production and large-scale manufacturing applications.


Blick Industries

The Leatherhead

The Leatherhead (P/N: 14-500-01) by Blick Industries allows fabricators to give their stone a leathered finish. Fabricators can now use their CNC router or CNC bridge saw to leather or hone their stone. The Leatherhead will give users a leg up on the competition by offering a unique finish while not breaking the budget. The Leatherhead adapts to any 35-mm conic tool holder, and it accepts most Frankfurt-style brushes (tool holder and brushes sold separately). It can be used on belt-driven and electro-spindle machines.


Diamant Boart


The new Calibreaker from Diamant Boart allows operators to calibrate and break the edge of granite in one step. It is two tools in one and a true timesaver, the company reports. It allows operators to gauge the stone and round off the bottom of the profile in one quick step, cutting down on fabrication time. The cut that is created is smooth to the touch and nearly perfect. The Calibreaker is available with a bevel or radius edge to ensure operators can get the look they want.


Cyclone by Diamax

Segment Finger Bits

Cyclone by Diamax’s six-segment finger bit is the first to implement reverse apple core technology, the company reports. The finger bit is thicker in the middle than at the ends, promoting a longer life and more uniform wear. Creating a finger bit that’s fatter in the middle, while maintaining perfect balance, immensely prolongs the time before another bit must be purchased.

Cyclone by Diamax’s seven-segment finger bit is the first ever high-speed finger bit to guarantee over 600 linear feet of life, the company reports. It also comes with a bottom segment, which eliminates the need to buy a CNC core bit. This bit will drill straight into the stone, moving at 18 to 20 inches per minute for over 600 feet.

These products are available at all authorized Cyclone distributors.

A full-action video is available at the company’s Web site.



Pattern Flow Blade

Disco has spent two years in the development of the “Pattern Flow” blade for its bridge saw line. The ACE-6 series functions well in the mid-to-high horsepower range (15 to 25 horsepower) and the ACE Plus series, which is great for low-to-mid- horsepower range (10 to 15 horsepower) saws that are currently being offered by Disco. The segment height is a nominal 1 inch — giving the user a long-lasting value. 

To achieve optimum cutting performance in granite and engineered stone, Disco engineers started with an internal and external design in making the segments. Using “Pattern Flow Matrix,” the diamonds are in rows throughout the segments. There are approximately 19 rows of diamonds across the face of the segments and the same pattern follows through the segments of blade. To hold the diamonds in place, Disco employed a unique formulation of metal powders. This creates a smooth, fast-cutting blade with enhanced blade life. Disco also uses silent blade cores to soften and to lower the noise levels.


Granite City Tool

Diamut HYS High-Speed Tooling

Granite City Tool (GCT) is the exclusive distributor of Diamut HYS high speed tooling in the U.S. The company has put together a program for CNC customers utilizing the stone industry’s most advanced metal bonded tooling coupled with the flash polishing system. The metal-bonded tooling positions 1 through 4 are designed to provide an exceptional balance of life, cutting speed and shape retention. When combined with the metal tools, these flash polishers provide an optimum polish.  

GCT has factory-trained sales consultants who can come to your facility and make suggestions on how to lower your overall CNC tooling costs, while providing increased CNC production and lower costs per foot on your CNC. The company also has CNC technicians that will come to your facility to help educate your CNC operators on how to calibrate the metals and polishing system in order to achieve the best possible results.

GCT/Diamut offers a redressing service for its metal-bonded bits. The bits are redressed in the U.S. and are turned around typically in two to three weeks. GCT/Diamut recommends that all metal tools be redressed on regular intervals — with every 3,000 linear feet as a starting point to have the metals redressed. A typical wheel can be redone three or four times over its lifetime. This reduces the cost per foot for the fabrication shop. If you currently are not redressing your tools, it is a proven way to get more out of your CNC tooling investment.



Multi-Technology Tools

Ghines tools for CNC machines combine different diamond coatings within the tool set, exploiting the best of each technique for the individual steps required. Applying the state-of-the-art technology of sintering, vacuum-brazing, electroplating and vulcanization, Ghines has created a set of profiling wheels where each tool gives the best performance, and every material can be processed with optimal results.

Multi-technology GTools offer a competitive cost, according to Ghines, and they are universal for all materials. There is no need to rectify, as the profiling tools do not change form throughout their life, and there is no diamond waste. After replacing the tools, no resetting is needed.



ADI High-Speed CNC Tooling

GranQuartz is the exclusive supplier of ADI CNC tooling in the U.S. The company teams up with top manufacturers to maintain an optimum sourcing pipeline, providing customers solutions they need to succeed. GranQuartz’s ADI (UHS) Ultra High-Speed technology is engineered to be the world’s fastest CNC stone tooling. GranQuartz offers the ADI Veloce Wheels, ADI MFP5 Profile Wheels, ADI Magic Profile Wheels, ADI Express Solid Rubber Polishing Wheels, ADI Ninja Pre-Cut System, ADI Vacuum Pods and more. The company has over five certified and knowledgeable CNC experts, who can train operators onsite.

GranQuartz reports that it has the largest CNC stock in North America, most stocking locations with stores and distribution centers and a huge range of tooling solutions.  GranQuartz also offers ADI-USA’s CNC re-dressing facility, which is unique to the stone industry, and adds value to your tooling investment. Through research, testing and development, the ADI line continues to evolve, providing customers the best CNC solutions.



New CNC Diamond Tool Line

After two years of research and testing, Marmoelettromeccanica is launching a new line of CNC diamond tools called eXtreme. This new line is thought for fabricators who want to optimize the machine operating times to reduce process time and costs, without giving up a high quality of the edge polish. The Marmoelettromeccanica system is composed of three metal-bonded diamond wheels followed by the time-tested LongLife polishers to achieve a perfect shine.

Marmoelettromeccanica reports that the tools can execute a feed of up to 390 inches (10,000 mm) per minute. Research and production is carried out exclusively at Marmoelettromeccanica’s facilities in Italy.

In the beginning, the new line will be limited to the following standard profiles:

A30r5 - A30r10 - A30r15 - V31,7 - T20r3 - T30r5 - YS20 - YS30 - Z30 - Z40 - Z50 - ZS30.


Regent Stone Products

High-Speed CNC Tooling

As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Marmoelettromeccanica CNC tooling, Regent Stone Products is offering the “Extreme High Speed” line of CNC tools, with three metal profile wheels designed to run at nearly 10 meters (400 inches) per minute. Through extensive research, Regent reports that Marmoelettromeccanica has developed a new matrix of diamonds and metals that is capable of these higher speeds.

Regent also points out that Marmoelettromeccancia has been innovating new tooling technologies for years, and these products have become staples in the industry — Frangistone breaker wheels and the Longlife continuous face resin polishing wheels.


Salem Stone

BDT CNC Tooling

Bovone Diamond Tool (BDT) of Ovada, Italy, a division of Bovone, a premier glass and stone fabrication equipment manufacturer, introduced a new line of CNC diamond tooling and solid rubber polishing wheels specifically for the stone industry — available from Salem Stone. For over 50 years, the Bovone name has been well-known for quality and performance in the glass industry. The BDT stone-specific CNC diamond tools feature precision balancing combined with full water channels and multiple water ports to ensure high-speed, maximum operational life and a quality finish. These workhorse diamond and polishing tools consistently produce a positive payback with a low cost-to-performance ratio, Salem reports.



CNC High Speed Tooling

In the world of CNC tooling, Terminator is one of the younger companies when it comes to presence in the market, however, in a relatively short amount of time, it has grown to be a respected market leader. The company reports that it offers tooling with optimum cost, speed, longevity and quality, with a complete re-EDM (not redressing) service and approximately 95% of its full-line inventory in stock — in addition to offering custom tooling. However, Terminator feels that the company is set apart by the unique technical support it brings to its customers.

The company seeks to empower customers by teaching efficient and accurate tool set-ups along with proper maintenance. In doing so, your tooling investment can be cut as much as half. The company’s technical director, Eric Pate, was recently awarded “Educator of the Year” from Stone Fabricator’s Alliance.



Finger Bits with Patterned

Diamond Technology

No matter what the material, ZenesisTM finger bits have been engineered to take CNC cutting to a new level. Zenesis technology has brought an advanced pattern of diamond technology and incorporated it in the new 3- and 6-segment finger bits for cutting granite and engineered stone. The 3-segment bits are ideal for soft to medium materials, while the 6-segment bits will tackle the medium to hard materials. The recommended RPM ranges from 4,200 for hard material to 5,500 when cutting softer material with a feed rate of 12 to 16 inches per minute. Both the 3- and 6-segment finger bits are available in 1 ½- and 2-inch lengths, and are ½-inch gas threaded.