CLEVELAND, OH — The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has released an updated version of the Residential Stone Countertop Installation technical module. The revision of this module was undertaken by a special task force composed of industry leaders, MIA Accredited Natural Stone Fabricators and representatives of the Stone Fabricator’s Alliance. Included in the publication are 17 pages of detailed drawings on all aspects of countertop installation; a section on making accurate field measurements; clarification of lippage for countertops vs. peninsulas; pictures of commonly used edges; and 17 pages of detailed drawings on all aspects of countertop installation.

“MIA’s installation guidelines should always be evolving to account for advancements in technology, proven industry practice and enhancements from previous versions,” said Chuck Muehlbauer, MIA technical director.

Countertop Chapter Review Committee Chair, John Cogswell added, “The countertop segment of the natural stone industry has seen many changes since the last update of the Design Manual (2007). The newly revised countertop module reflects current industry practice and includes an expanded stone materials section, as well as a new section on stone finishes and guidelines for outdoor kitchens.”

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