Ann Sacks, a leading manufacturer and distributor of tile, stone and plumbing products, introduced a new metallic-colored and pillowed mosaic to its Context Collection as part of its line-up at the 2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. Suitable for modern and classic interiors with a uniform 13/4-inch width -- complemented by multiple length options -- Context offers a range of precisely coordinated horizontal and vertical pattern installations.

Context is a dry-press porcelain tile expertly fabricated by Japanese artisans exclusively for Ann Sacks. Joining the earlier palette of Gloss White or Matte White finishes is a deep, rich black metallic glaze. Additionally, a gently pillowed mosaic was designed, giving textural effect to a wall. The mosaic is available in the new metallic black (pictured) as well as the Gloss White or Matte White. Context is available as a flat or pillowed 1 3/4-x 1 3/4-inch mosaic or in 1 3/4-x 5 1/2- and 1 3/4-x 11-inch fields with a variety of trims -- making it ideal for large installations.

Primarily developed for indoor vertical applications, the matte finish is also suitable for light use on floors, while the mosaics are perfect for curved walls. Tiles in the Context Collection are frost proof -- allowing them to work for certain exterior installations, subject to moderate climate and method of installation.