VALENCIA, SPAIN -- TAU Group's trademark subsidiary Porcelanatto has announced a partnership with international designer Karim Rashid in a line called NO-Stalgia. This new avant-garde style transports Rashid's design exuberance to the realm of ceramics -- creating a new medium for the decorative field. To officially unveil this line to the U.S. market, TAU, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, will hold a press conference at Coverings in Orlando, FL, on Wednesday, April 28 from 3 to 4 p.m. in booth #1723.

With this partnership, Porcelanatto has broken new ground in becoming a leading reference in the contract, architecture and interior decoration sector -- maintaining its well-known commitment to premium quality and customer service. NO-Stalgia represents the official premier in ceramic floors sponsored by Porcelanatto, reports the company.

Karim Rashid's design theory represents freedom through lively colors and shapes, including refreshing styles that not only set market trends, but never cease to break from the conventional mold. No two concepts are alike, although his style is easily recognizable. Rashid is responsible for some of the most avant-garde international projects in the world's leading hotels, restaurants, public spaces, commercial premises and residential complexes. Over 3,000 of his designs are currently in production in every sector, and he has received approximately 300 awards and works in 35 countries.

The four series of the NO-Stalgia collection meticulously follow the artistic vision of his work, created in a 24- x 24-inch format and four colors each. Using sinuously geometric forms and intricate lines to create impressive optical effects, they showcase a pioneering design concept in the international ceramic sector, according to TAU/Porcelanatto. The collections include: Sensory (Gray, Nude, Pink and Blue), Poetic (Blue, Aura, Pink and Midnight), Emotion (Fire Orange, Gray, Lime and Carbon) and Desire (Violet, Jet, Gray and Lime).

The collection was designed for architects, decorators and interior designers -- experts with a clear design vision, an urban concept of the material, and who seek to create artistic spaces that deliver an impressive impact. The ultimate goal is to express, renew and personalize each space in a unique way, reports TAU/Porcelanatto.