Antolini wins Overall Best in Show at Coverings 2011.

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Imagination prevailed among the four Coverings 2011 exhibitors who were named to receive this year's "Best in Show" booth awards. The judges conferred the honors during day three of the four-day annual tile and stone conference, which was held at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, from March 14 to 17, 2011.

Italian stone producer Antolini Luigi earned the Overall Best in Show title for its show-stopping space. The rich colors and veining details of its semi-precious stone slabs were set against smoky mirrored glass and brilliantly illuminated with back lighting to create the most dramatic impact. Many of the styles on display were actually framed within a diamond-shape -- bringing to mind fine jewelry but on a far grander scale. Information labels were discreetly dangling in front of the new stone products, strung on fish lines like individual mobiles. The entire booth was encased within glass walls decorated with a white tiger striped pattern -- adding to the jewel-box effect.


One of last year's Overall Best in Show winners, Porcelanite/Lamosa, walked away with a Best in Show honor again. This spacious booth continued to compellingly tell its sustainability story, retaining much of the LEED-certified exhibit from 2010. Added this year, though, were numerous vignette settings, providing loads of inspiration and underscoring how versatile its products are in a variety of uses.

Mosaico+ cleverly and playfully used cutout white silhouettes of objects and people to convey possible applications of its products. The artistic profile of a showerhead, for instance, appeared to be spraying several colorful mosaic "water" streams, while a cutout rack with kitchen utensils hanging from it was set against a wall filled with possible mosaic compositions. Even the ceiling featured a recess panel of mosaics. The exterior walls seduced with an exquisite mural masterpiece studded with golden touches.

A newcomer to Coverings -- and, in fact, making its U.S. debut -- The Size wowed all with both its products and its booth. The super-sized 12- x 4-foot tiles formed the space with soaring arches that also demonstrated the pliant characteristics of the 3mm version of the material. Sharpened carpenter's nails were on hand and visitors were challenged to try and scratch the countertop surfaces with them, failing on every attempt. It was a booth bustling with activity and a new brand telling its story well with visual acumen.


The Size