CASTELLO DI GODEGO, ITALY - Breton Group, a leader in the production of advanced stoneworking machines, has implemented a photovoltaic system from ESPE srl, a leading figure in the renewable energy field. The new “green” roofs supply the factory with clean energy through photovoltaic panels, which cover an overall net area of more than 160,000 square feet, for a total power of 2,250 kWp and a yearly production of approximately 2,450,000 kWh. With this system, Breton manages to obtain up to 30% of its energy consumption - greatly reducing the cost of supply, reports the company. Furthermore, as a result of these new plants, a reduction of CO2 emissions of at least 1,300 tons is expected.

The plants were completed in late 2010. In addition, the outdoor parking shelters at Breton’s headquarters in Castello di Godego have been provided with a photovoltaic plant.

ESPE is responsible for the technical management, administration and maintenance of the new plants.