Breton S.p.A. has released the Smart-Cut S/NC 500, a precise and sturdy bridge saw with a rotating head and a fixed worktable. Capable of both fully programmed and manual axis control through a joystick, it is ideal for high-speed cutting of complex polygonal shapes.

Its brushless motors guarantee high working speed and precise positioning.

The 500-mm (19-inch) saw blade is manually or automatically inclinable at any position from 0 degrees to 90 degrees (on request), with the possibility of step cutting, even while inclined.

The cutting operations are programmed via the company’s intuitive CAD/CAM software installed on the machine or via the optional desktop version. The programmed operations are carried out by a Siemens 810 CNC, equipped with a 15-inch color “touch-screen.”

In addition to the version with a fixed worktable, the machine can be equipped with a tilting or belted worktable for continuous processing configuration.

The machine can be fit with a digital camera system, which reproduces a true color image of the slab to be cut. Then, the CAD drawing files can be overlaid on the image of the slab. This process eliminates both the labor and time cost involved in manual layouts and projection systems.

Using the mouse, the operator traces defects on the slab surface and perimeter, then simply positions the piece drawings within the slab image (with graphics automatically indicating the inherent over-cuts), thus optimizing the slab surface area artistically.

In cases with more consistent material, the software can be expanded for automatic optimization of the slab surface area and its defects. The software also employs work order management to maximize material yield, considering all pieces in queue assigned to the same material.

The digital imaging, marking of defects and slab yield optimization are all managed while another slab is being machined.