Nine months after the official launch (Marmomacc 2009) of StoneXperience, a completely revised and developed version is now being offered - StoneXperience 3.0. Marmi Bruno Zanet’s need to show customers how stone can be used within certain environments, such as kitchens, living rooms, etc. led to the StoneXperience 1.0 visual, which can simulate an environment with 30 types of natural stone in 16 3D scenes. In addition, it allows the possibility of changing the layout of the floor and the color of the walls and the fittings. Marmi Bruno Zanet is now presenting its new release, StoneXperience 3.0, replacing version 2.0, which was consulted by more than 500 users, allowing the company to develop and improve as a result of precious advice and recommendations, Marmi Bruno Zanet reports.

The new version, StoneXperience 3.0, is totally new and enriched, with a high level of content. New features in version 3.0 of StoneXperience include:
  • A new, faster and more intuitive graphic interface

  • New environments implemented

  • New materials

  • New material applications

  • Various environments, which can be navigated as they are developed as a 360-degree virtual reality
Furthermore, with the new release of StoneXperience comes a completely new application - a multimedia catalog with all Marmi Bruno Zanet materials. StoneXperience is now supported by Stone Beauty, the new multimedia catalog with all Marmi Bruno Zanet materials. Due to a search engine, in just a few clicks, users can see the entire range of products currently available, and identify them by origin, material color or name, or by combining two or more of these search keys.