Marmi Bruno Zanet has recently introduced 18 new stone materials, including Twister, Bordeaux and Castor Blue granite, each with special physical, color and tone features that help them meet every specific need. Twister granite is quarried in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and has a fine grain and very intense golden yellow color with very strong veins that make it practically unique and extremely exotic. It is often used for kitchen countertops and for open pattern floorings. Its technical features make it suitable for any type of finish and for any size surface, reports Marmi Bruno Zanet. The company also recently introduced Bordeaux granite from Bahia, Brazil, which is a very strong red wine color. This material, due to its physical-mechanical compactness, can be used with all types of finishes. In addition, Marmi Bruno Zanet introduced Castor Blue granite, which is also from Bahia. It features a fine grain, and is brown with intense blue spotting. This material is available in large quantities for any type of project or design requirement.

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