Cosentino North America, a nationwide leader in natural stone and the world’s largest producer of quartz surfacing, announced its regional expansion of fabricated stone products in North Carolina through a new relationship with Cadenza Granite & Marble of Concord, NC, serving the metropolitan Charlotte area.

“Cosentino created North American distribution to sell and market Silestone, and 10 years later, our business encompasses hundreds of surface selections and a growing network of skilled fabricators throughout,” said Brandon Calvo, Chief Operations Officer for Cosentino North America. “The experience, craftsmanship and level of service provided by the team at Cadenza are the perfect match to our surfacing options.”

Cosentino - which is headquartered in Spain and based in Houston, TX, in North America - covers the entire process of producing natural stone products, including quarrying, fabricating and installing flat surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding and many other applications. The Cosentino North America family of brands includes Silestone quartz surfacing; SenSa granite with SenGuard; Scalea natural stone, including marble, travertine and soapstone; MarliqueTM marble; and ECOTM by Cosentino, a material made of 75% recycled content for environmentally friendly consumers.

Cadenza Granite & Marble was established 15 years ago to provide homeowners and builders a high-quality product at competitive prices. Since its inception, Cadenza has focused on delivering reliable materials that meet the expectations and demands of today’s consumers.

“We believe in the importance of delivering high-value proposition to our customers, especially in today’s environment, when we’re all looking closely at how we spend our money,” said Ron Hannah, President of Cadenza. “The liaison with Cosentino allows us to cater to more customers and expand our product offering while staying true to our value proposition.”

Cadenza is a founding member of the Stone Fabricators Alliance and was recognized by Stone World Magazine as the Fabricator of the Year in 2007.

“We invest in the best tradesmen, equipment and technology in an effort to perfect our trade,” Hannah said. “We educate and train to continually hone our skills and improve our abilities.”

Cadenza will begin offering Cosentino’s Silestone, ECO and SenSa products in the summer of 2009. For more information on Cadenza, visitwww.cadenzagranite.comor call at 704-788-2744.