Braxton-Bragg’s new Web site has been optimized for fast navigation and quick product searches by product name, manufacturer or SKU number from its print catalog.

KNOXVILLE, TN - Braxton-Bragg has announced a major design and function upgrade to its Web site. The new Web site ( was developed by Averra Media, of Knoxville, TN, and provides many new and improved features.

“The new site is designed to make it faster for customers to find what they need and complete their transaction,” stated Bill Hickey, Braxton-Bragg Sales Director. “Our goal was to allow an established customer to complete their weekly order within three or four minutes. The Web site allows for customer-specific contract prices for commonly used items, and also handles COD as well as on-account orders for established customers.

“To get started buying from the Web site, a customer can either go to the Web site and sign up - we will match you to your current orders and call you to setup contract pricing on the items that you buy frequently - or just give us a call and we can walk you through the process,” Hickey went on to say. “We want our customers to know that they’ll receive the same great pricing and excellent service, no matter how they order.”

Steve Bussell, Product Manager for Braxton-Bragg, explained that one of his goals was to have a “living” Web site where they can share important information for their customers. “We expect that in time, this will become the primary reference site for the industry,” he said. “There are many technologies and approaches used today. We believe that most of our customers are very pressed for time and need to get valuable, useful information and get on with their work. We have consciously opted for speed at every opportunity. Our long-term objective is to develop the site to become a primary sourcebook for the industry.”

According to Janice Tocher, President of Averra Media, Web site security is very important to Braxton-Bragg. “They elected to use VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates to protect customer financial information,” she said.