Jet Edge, Inc. recently released a new brochure highlighting its precision waterjet cutting products. The brochure features Jet Edge’s precision waterjet cutting tables, which include an expandable High Rail Gantry waterjet available in 2-foot increments from 4 x 4 to 24 x 14 feet, a Mid Rail Gantry waterjet available in sizes including 8 x 13 and 21 x 13 feet, and a Low Rail Gantry waterjet available in sizes up to 30 x 100 feet. The brochure also highlights Jet Edge’s waterjet intensifier pumps, which are available in a wide range of horse powers and capable of producing pressures from 60,000 to 90,000 psi as well its precision waterjet cutting accessories that include abrasivejet and water-only cutting heads, abrasive delivery, removal and recycling systems, and a closed loop filtration system.

Laticrete, a global leader in the manufacturing of innovative systems for the installation of stone and tile, has recently updated and added several key improvements to the Laticrete Architectural Guidebook, a revolutionary resource tool designed to be a one-stop source for all stone and tile project specification requirements. According to Laticrete, the Web-based Laticrete Architectural Guidebook empowers design and specification professionals to create custom specifications based on the very latest industry standards for more than 100 types of installations in just seconds. The result is a complete installation specification along with an applicable detail drawing available in CAD, PDF or JPG formats. Both the specification and drawing can be edited to fit the user’s exact project requirements, and can be easily printed or exported in electronic or hard-copy formats.

The Laticrete Architectural Guidebook site also includes an up-to-date industry reference section that allows users to reference appropriate codes and national standards for virtually all stone and tile specifications. Design and industry professionals can increase productivity with the quickest means of creating stone and tile installation specifications, and complete a submittal package for projects that can be electronically sent directly to clients. The Laticrete Architectural Guidebook will generate the latest product literature from Laticrete, including product data and MSDS sheets - complete with links to applicable Laticrete products Greenguard certificates. All of the specifications included in the Laticrete Architectural Guidebook are based on Laticrete warranted installation systems.