Dellas S.p.A. celebrated its 35th anniversary at Marmomacc 2008 in Verona, Italy.

Dellas S.p.A. recently celebrated its 35th anniversary during Marmomacc 2008, which was held from October 2 to 5 in Verona, Italy. In honor of its 35 years in business, the Grezzana, Verona-based company - headed by Isidoro Ferrari and specializing in the manufacturing of diamond-studded tools for cutting and processing natural stone - held a party at Palazzo Verità Poeta in the center of Verona.

The event was an opportunity for Dellas to bring its entire worldwide sales structure together, reports the company. This included 36 foreign partners/dealers from Iran, Brazil, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Taiwan, Pakistan, France, Tunisia, Turkey, Portugal, Palestine, Romania, Oman, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, the U.S. and Argentina, in addition to 28 Italian agents and distributors.

Through the years, the company has focused on the improvement of cutting and processing natural stone. With this philosophy in mind, it has come to specialize and develop new solutions to meet the cutting needs of its customers for new materials and to tackle the requirements of new production processes.

The event, as stressed by Ferrari, with the support of his children Daniele and Elisa, who also work for the company, was not only a moment of celebration, but above all, a meeting between people who have shared and intend to continue sharing in the future a project of growth and development, gleaning all of the elements of innovation and development that the sector has to offer from the market.