CASTELLEONE, SPAIN - On December 5, 2006, a ceremony honoring Comandulli’s owner, Ernesto Comandulli, with a commemorative gold medal, took place on the company’s premises in the presence of Comandulli personnel, along with his daughters Mara and Cinzia. This was also in celebration of the company’s 35th anniversary.

A presentation of a publication dedicated to the 35 years of Comandulli’s activity was also recently held to honor the company. The book outlines the evolution of Comandulli’s history and technological advances. It also illustrates the constant devotion of its owner and of his collaborators throughout the years, who worked hard to expand the business’s worldwide market.

As a seal to this anniversary, the company is also building a new industrial plant, and it also plans to enlarge its assembling department and warehousing capacity, with a surface area of more than 6,000 square meters.

Comandulli began in Castelleone in the early 1970s as a craft-oriented business managed by Ernesto Comandulli, who used his own patent for the first concept of the “edge polishing machine,” for processing marble and granite.

The market immediately accepted this innovation, and as a result, the company grew, with Comandulli establishing itself as a leader in marble and granite edge working machinery, according to the company. These machines were built by adopting the most modern concepts and principles that technology could supply, and were designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers, reports Comandulli.

In 1998, the need to more completely satisfy all the requirements of Comandulli customers convinced the firm to acquire a majority shareholding in another marble working machine producer - Fratelli Bisso Srl of Ferrada di Moconesi (Genova), an historical Ligurian company, which was founded in 1887 and is a producer of milling machines for stone materials.

In December 2006, Fratelli Bisso merged with Comandulli, and its products now represent an added value of quality to the final customer, according to the company.