STUART, FL - The Stone Fabricators Alliance will be holding a Digital Templating “Shoot-Out” on April 26, 2008. This event will be held in an existing orthodontics office, which offers many of the typical challenges faced by fabricators. There will be blind spots, radii, long runs and walls that need to be scribed.

According to Brian Briggs of the SFA, there will be two methods of collecting the data. The first will be a questionnaire filled out by the participating companies (see below for a preview of the current list). The second part will be a timed scenario. The time will start in a vehicle and the timer will stop when the parts are ready for plotting or digital processing (drive time will be excluded).

“As we all know, all of the systems out on the market work. We are not grading or trying to determine which system is better,” Briggs said. “We will simply report the data and potential digital template customers can make the decision for themselves. No system fits everyone’s needs. We all are looking for the same thing, but place our priorities and requirements differently. This report will allow the consumer to weigh what is important to them.”

Timed areas include:

• Set up time - Time from leaving the vehicle to being ready to template

• Data collection time - How long it takes to collect data

• Editing time - How long it takes in the field to include offsets, radius corners, etc.

• Breakdown time - How long it takes to pack up and get back in the vehicle

• File retrieval - Length of time to retrieve a workable file

• File manipulation - Time it takes to be ready for processing

The event will take place at Vakani Orthodontics in Stuart, FL, on Saturday, April 26, at 9 a.m. Briggs reports that the following digital templating companies are scheduled to participate in the event:

• E Template System

• Fabricator’s Choice (PhotoTop)

• Laser Products

• Proliner

• ME Machinery and Design

• Touchstone Gauge

After the “Shoot-Out,” the event will move to Granite Guys, a fabrication shop owned by Briggs that is located in nearby Ft. Pierce, FL. Attendees are also invited to the shop on Friday, April 25, prior to arrival. A possible deep-water fishing trip may be scheduled for Sunday, April 27, if enough people are interested.

For more information, call 772-466-5051 or e-mail