FabQuick™, a developer of time-saving tools for the natural stone and solid surface industries, has introduced TemplatePro™ templating clips (patent pending). Billed as a cost effective alternative to electronic templating systems, the TemplatePro™ templating clip is a product designed by fabricators currently operating in the solid surface industry to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy in the creation of countertop templates. There are two sizes of templating clips included in the standard package. One allows the templator to create a 1 1/2-inch standard overhang, while the other allows for the correct overhang for stove or refrigerator openings.

By utilizing the TemplatePro™ templating clip, a templator of any experience level will be able to complete more templates each day that are more accurate and are made to finished dimensions, reports the company. "These clips make templating so easy, my 12-year-old daughter can do it," said FabQuickTM President and co-founder Doug Craig. The clips are durable, reusable and easily stowed away and transported between jobs. They are a cost-effective way to improve the fabricators bottom line by increasing templating accuracy and efficiency. Although they can be used with all common templating materials, FabQuick™ will also offer polystyrene templating material and template adhesive for those fabricators who desire a single source for all of their templating supplies.