Granite countertops are the pride of every kitchen until a stain ruins its beautiful surface. Now, homeowners can rest easier with SenGuard™ stain protection. Cosentino, a worldwide leader in natural stone, is exclusively launching SenGuard -- a technologically advanced application process that is used to protect granite from staining while allowing the stone to breathe and preserve its natural color. Designed to maintain its properties and performance for up to 15 years, SenGuard eliminates the need to seal granite countertops once or twice a year.
“Sensa with SenGuard empowers homeowners to go on with their busy lives while giving peace of mind,” said Roberto Payan, granite division manager for Cosentino. Anchored to the stone surface via a chemical reaction, SenGuard offers a superior protective shield that chemically anchors to the stone’s surface, creating a permanent bond.