The Titan CNC stonecenter from Park Industries is the high-performance productivity break-through in CNC technology, the company reports. Backed by more than 20 years of CNC experience, the Park Titan offers extraordinary precision operation along with legendary Park reliability, durability and support.

Furthermore, the Titan offers easy table accessibility with its integrated base architecture and large step-up aluminum worktable. The precision-machined aluminum worktable is 160 x 96 inches. With just two easy steps, operators can safely and easily access the table for cup and slab positioning, according to Park Industries.

Users can quickly convert paper or luan templates into accurate machine code with point-and-click simplicity right at the machine with the on-board laser digitizing system. Retrieve, convert and program from standard electronic DXF files at the control unit with the TouchStone SFP (Shop Floor Programming) system.

The new StoneCAM® Synergy software is a powerful machine programming and stone optimization software that allows operators to program faster, make changes easier and choose part layout based upon the movement in the stone with just a few clicks. Preview the installed work even before the pieces are cut. And, the finished layout images can be sent to the customer for approval before the stone is cut.