The precise repetitive motion of Advanced Industrial Machinery’s MasterJet CNC waterjet saw system pumps greater productivity and profitability into everything from prototypes to production.
AIM’s MasterJet CNC waterjet saw utilizes a high-speed 20-horsepower saw with multiple heads that enable fabricators to cut one part or thousands without expensive tooling or setups.
Its highly accurate, precisely spaced nozzle cuts as accurately as any die with no cupping in thick parts, according to Advanced Industrial Machinery. With a single keystroke, an operator can also switch from cutting right-hand parts to right- and left-hand parts from the same pattern.
Its compact, efficient design keeps the work area free of obstructions with a large selection of transfer tables for maximum productivity. The MasterJet CNC waterjet saw is engineered for full-time operation, with oversize bearings, full bellows-way protection and optimized low-stress electronic servo-drives for years of trouble-free, high-volume production.