“The Virtual Stone Show” is set to be unveiled this month. This new concept combines the same technology used to build sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Amazon and eBay with the techniques used in physical trade shows.

Designed to have the look and feel of an actual trade show, The Virtual Stone Show uses video game-style technology and allows vendors to display their products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the attendee moves throughout the exhibit hall, from booth to booth in a dynamic three-dimensional environment.

Attendees can see the aliases of other attendees in the exhibit hall, view conversations taking place and type in questions or comments to be added to the conversation.

There are multiple options at each “exhibit.” Participating exhibitors can offer placards with custom graphics and information. By clicking on a placard with the mouse, a new browser window is open to a URL specified by that exhibitor.

Computer monitors are available to indicate the availability of a video file or Web cast and open to a pre-defined URL when clicked with the mouse. Companies can also place conference seminar presentations on the site. “Booth Attendants” are also available, which may link to an audio narrative of products or services.

“The Virtual Stone Show is not intended to compete with the trade shows in our industry but to give exhibitors another avenue for finding equipment products and services,” stated the organizers. “In fact, we expect The Virtual Stone Show to be a positive boon to the live trade show industry as well.”

To view a sample of the Virtual Stone Show, visitwww.virtualstoneshow.com. For further information, call 828-301-9796.