SUN VALLEY, CA - CaesarStone, known throughout the world as the original manufacturer of quartz surfaces, is set to introduce another first - the CaesarStone Advantage Program. The first industry program of its kind, the CaesarStone Advantage Program will provide fabricators and installers with numerous promotions, discounts, training and reward points. All official CaesarStone certified fabricators and installers are automatically entitled to membership in the program, which was launch June 1, 2006.

“The new Advantage Program is just another example of CaesarStone's originality and innovation as a company,” said Greg Bassett, CaesarStone Advantage Manager. “The program will provide added value and benefits to our customers, which go over and beyond the scope of what is necessary.”

One of the key facets of the CaesarStone Advantage Program is the ability for fabricators to collect Advantage Points that can be used to purchase tools, supplies, trips and more. Each CaesarStone slab purchased will earn members 10 Advantage Points, which will automatically be added to the CaesarStone Advantage membership account.

The CaesarStone Advantage Program will also provide additional support and discounts, including:
  • Membership Kit: This kit will include a CaesarStone certificate of training; CaesarStone certified fabricator/installer identification card for the company, Advantage program guide and stickers displaying the CaesarStone certified fabricator or installer status.
  • Training: All members of the CaesarStone Advantage Program will be eligible to receive training such as live seminars from a local distributor, CaesarStone technical representative or through computer training on the CaesarStone Advantage Web site or DVD. In addition to the training provided directly by CaesarStone, Advantage members will receive discounts to training seminars offered by preferred partners such as Regent Stone Products and Hard Rock Tools.
  • Technical Support: Members will have access to a CaesarStone technical representative, who can answer job specific questions or help to solve fabrication or installation problems.
  • Discounted Tools: Members will also receive tool discounts from various manufacturers and distributors. For example, members will receive a 10% discount on purchases from Regent Stone Products and Hard Rock Tool.
  • Contests/Promotions: Members are encouraged to submit photographs of unique or high profile projects using CaesarStone. This allows members to receive additional promotion of their business and talents through publication in the CaesarStone Advantage newsletter. Additional promotional opportunities and bonus points can also be earned by being named CaesarStone's Fabricator of the Year.
  • Newsletter: Members will receive a quarterly newsletter containing timely information about the quartz industry, new products and promotions, as well as quarterly recognition of outstanding CaesarStone Advantage members.
  • Additional Points: Members can also earn points through the use of CaesarStone's direct warranty registration tracking system. A fabricator can receive five points for each warranty registration that is completed on behalf of their customer.
  • Bonus Points: CaesarStone will offer periodic promotions offering bonus Advantage Points to participating fabricators and installers.
All CaesarStone Advantage Program account information will be accessible to members through the Web site Members will be able to track their Advantage account, preview a catalog of items that can be purchased with Advantage points and register customers' product warranties. The Web site will also provide a full list of current Advantage Preferred Partner companies offering special promotions to Advantage members.