Flow International Corp.has announced the launch of its newStoneCrafter waterjet system, with a variety of powerful pump options, larger envelope size for greater productivity and other features specific to the stone and tile market.

According to Flow, the latest waterjet cutting system is customized for stone and solid surface fabrication. It features a 6.5- x 12-foot cutting envelope, a reinforced catcher tank system designed to handle heavy slabs, enhanced stone material library and a wide range of popular sink templates for ease of countertop production. The StoneCrafter was designed to reliably fabricate heavy slabs, minimizing material breakage and enhancing productivity, according to Flow International. Customized software modules are included to increase productivity from design through fabrication and increase material utilization.

Circle No. 289

The new Yukon® IIstone dimensioning sawfrom Park Industries features enhanced machine controls, a bi-lingual language option, improved saw cutting speed and accuracy, and diagnostic screen capabilities.

The Yukon II can be controlled with the easy-to-use and intuitive joystick or the fast touch-screen computer control. Dual potentiometers have been added to allow operators to independently control out-of-stone speed and cutting feed rates. The Yukon II also has 10 programmable cut widths available in the automatic cut mode, increasing operator efficiency and productivity, reports Park Industries. And, with just a touch of the screen, the programming instructions and guidelines can be displayed in either English or Spanish.

Furthermore, the Yukon II is a durable, versatile dimensional stone saw that is built of rigid, high-tolerance construction of 16 feet, 6 inches long by 18 feet, 4 inches wide by 9 feet high. The powerful 20 hp arbor drive electric motor powers diamond blades up to 24 inches in diameter. In addition, the 1 hp cross-travel motor allows for a rapid transverse rate of 1 to 50 feet per minute. The Yukon II's ample cross travel and rack and pinion drive system aids operators in processing full slabs of material with greater accuracy and a laser saw blade alignment indicator also improves set-up for long passes.

The new diagnostic screen allows operators to review the machine's control status, while providing helpful, onscreen directions and troubleshooting guidance. In addition, Yukon II operators also receive a Next Day or No Pay parts guarantee; a limited two-year warranty program; and 24-hour troubleshooting customer support, seven days a week, according to the company.

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