Silicon Rubber Heating Strips

Laser Cutting Guide

Granite City Tool's heating strips are designed to solve the problem of uneven seams. The product helps users avoid grinding and re-polishing the uneven seam, which can take hours. Silicon rubber heating strips will heat up the seam to 428 degrees F (220 degrees C), so the installer can pop the seam and re-set. Heating strips offer a second chance to set the seam and save the job, Granite City Tool reports. To use them, simply lay the strip over the seam, plug into a standard 115V outlet, and in minutes, it will heat up so installers can pop the seam. They are available in two sizes - 25 x 4 inches and 35 x 4 inches. The product has received UR®, cUR® and VDE recognitions.

Granite City Tool has also recently introduced its Laser Cutting Guide, which projects a bright laser line beam to aid in lining up saw blade with scribe mark on tile. The guide is adjustable and attaches easily to most tile saws, the company reports. The unit is battery powered.
Circle No. 297