A manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating systems, Gold Heat offers flooring industry professionals, designers, and kitchen and bath remodelers a completely customized floor heating solution that can be used with ceramic, porcelain, marble and natural stone surfaces. Engineered to take the prep labor out of the installation process, Gold Heat’s electric radiant floor heating mats are prewired and pre-terminated, so they’re ready to install out of the box. Custom-fit to the floorplan, a Gold Heat mat folds out like a tablecloth, hugs every nook of the room and fits perfectly around fixed features like kitchen islands and bathroom toilets. The no-fuss installation process takes as little as 20 minutes. In application, the electric radiant floor heating system provides optimal user comfort at a lower air temperature (talk about at-home luxury), and should the homeowner accidentally drop something heavy on their new floor damaging the system, getting it back up and running is simple. A system repair typically requires removing just a small section of the floor (not the whole floor as with comparable systems).