The T 818 A CNC stoneworking center offers an integrated handling system (patented model). The frame has been designed to receive a preparation table (buffer). This table allows a manual and lateral loading of the pieces to be achieved. Then, the operator can prepare pieces in “masked time” (positioning of the vacuums) while the machine is operating. This is a simple, reliable and economic solution compared to moving or turning tables. The T 818 A is one of the only stone-processing centers with a manual handling solution directly integrated to the machine, saving 10 to 15% of labor time per day, depending on the materials processed and on the complexity of the pieces, reports the manufacturer.

Fitted with TIBO CAD -- TIBO CAM, the T 818 A can interact with other CNC machines in the Thibaut series - the TC 04 Numeric in particular. Additionally, the operator can work alone with the TC 04 Numeric cutting center and the T 818 A.

The T 818 A also has a granite tilting table, and is a compact CNC center with a reduced depth that can be fitted along a wall and/or in an angle - making it easy to install anywhere in every workshop (maximum height: 2850 mm), according to Thibaut.

Equipped with a 23-position linear tool magazine (second rack in option), the T 818 A truly embodies Thibaut's commitment to its customers: “a machine with everything needed to work well and fast.”

The T 818 A benefits from a pure and new design, easing cleaning and maintenance, and including aesthetic and ergonomic aspects such as the integrated desk whose incline allows the operator to program while looking at the machine operating. Moreover, all the components are gathered together in closets to facilitate maintenance and diagnostics.

Additionally, because the T 818 A is part of the T 818 series, it is equipped with similar technology. Those common points are fundamentals of Thibaut CNC stoneworking centers. Sturdiness, precision, speed, pneumatic pressure and heart of Thibaut's CNC know-how have been entirely passed on to the T 818 A. For example, the beam on T 818 A has been conceived to offer working capacities that absolutely cope with the market needs, reports the manufacturer.