Delta Diamond Tools, Inc. has recently published an 88-page, 4-color product brochure. The brochure features product descriptions, pictures and prices of the company's tools, including routers, polishing tools, saw blades and tooling for hand routers, edge polishing machines and other CNC processing equipment.

The brochure also contains information on the Stealth family of routers, which have a patented Hydroplate system with injected ball transfers, allowing the machine to travel 0.015 inches above the surface.

Additionally, hundreds of saw blades and polishers are available for fabricators to choose from in the new brochure, as well as polishing tools, which are offered for all types of edges and lips. Available saw blades range from 4 to 20 inches and are designed for both wet and dry cuts. Detailed descriptions of each polishing tool and saw blade allow for maximized product ordering accuracy, reports the company.

Tooling for hand routers, edge polishing machines and other CNC processing equipment are also available in the new brochure. Over 200 varieties of profiling wheels for CNC edge polishing machines allow fabricators the capacity to handle any type of edge profile. Specifications such as profile, position, grit, diameter and bore are listed for each profiling wheel.

Other equipment described in the brochure includes storage equipment, carts, seamers, adhesives, dust collection air boxes, sludge dehydrators, vacuum lifters and cleaners.
Circle No. 298