The LCT 522 CAI edge polishing machine is now available from Marmo Meccanica USA. The highly effective machine features a user-friendly operating system that ensures a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot. Its small footprint, combined with its high reliability and low cost, make it ideal for granite shops in North America who want high-quality processing of marble and granite.

The LCT 522 produces 30 to 60 lineal feet of 3-cm bullnose per hour with no human intervention because edge processing on the machine is continuous. Different pieces of identical thickness can be inserted sequentially without the need to change the forming or polishing heads.

Granite and marble slabs are vertically inserted into the LCT 522 CAI. Handling slabs vertically not only reduces the possibility of material breakage, but it also considerably reduces the floor space and work area requirements.

Slabs are moved on a conveyor belt through the machine on a group of automatic mandrels that bear a series of abrasives, from the coarsest grain to the polisher. The finish on the edges produced is free from lines, facets or other imperfections due to the unique random oscillation of the polishing arm. Upon completion, slabs are perfectly formed and polished, Marmo Meccanica reports.

Many types of edge treatments can be processed on the LCT 522. In addition to squared or inclined edges, it polishes toroidal edges, rounded and other convex shapes on slabs of marble or granite.

The LCT is extremely user-friendly. The operator only needs to input the thickness of the material as well as the appropriate angles for the type of edge being processed. Typically, this is 7 to 173 degrees for a full bullnose and 7 to 90 degrees for a half bullnose. Forming wheels are used when processing shapes such as a bullnose or a half bullnose. Pre-forming wheels are quickly and easily mounted using tool adjustments provided for exact positioning.

The machine is equipped with two opposing bevellers, which are used to produce bevels of various sizes, particularly for removal of excess stock when processing bullnose and half bullnose edges.

The LCT 522 is equipped with a gauging spindle to gauge the materials for thickness to ensure even edges. The spindle is adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees, and may be mounted with other types of diamond tools to achieve large bevels and other cuts.

A computer controls the work cycles of the polisher with high precision and carries out diagnostic functions, maintenance programs and statistics.

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