The 595/3 machining center from Burkhardt GmbH of Germany is available in a version with three working axes and with four. The workpieces only need to be clamped once from start to finish, thus reducing downtime. Additionally, the machine was engineered for easy operation, and no special skills are required by the user, Burkhardt reports.

The 3-axes machining center has a closed frame construction. The X, Y and Z axes are equipped with highly precise linear guides, which are covered by bellows. The axes are driven by dynamic servo-motors. Two synchronized servo-motors ensure precise and rectilinear guidance of the machine bridge. For the X and Y axis, clearance-free rack-and-pinion gears are applied, while the Z axis has a circulating ball spindle. The tool slide automatically tilts in both directions, making the unit capable of producing inclined drain surfaces.

The machine offers movement of 390 cm on the X axis (cross tool slide); 155 cm on the Y axis (machine bridge); and 30 cm on the Z axis (vertical tool slide). The tool magazine can hold 24 tools, and the working space has a length of 320 cm, a width of 142 cm and a height of 30 cm.

The 595/3 machining center is operated through the monitor screen. Beside the usual CNC user interface, application images are available under Protool HMI, with macro program (transfer of measurements to the machine) which requires no programming knowledge. Advanced. At the personal computer workstation, processing geometries can be created and transferred to the machine control online through an Ethernet-network.

The machine is also available with an optional extra rotating axis that can move from 0 to 360 degrees, and it is tailored for all applications on kitchen worktops, bathroom tops and for grinding curved edges of monuments. Options also include a CAD connection and the ability to import of .DXF files.