Flow International[r] introduces the next-generation WMC2 Waterjet Machining Center. The WMC2, designed by a worldwide team of multi-disciplined Flow employees and customers, is ideal for high-production and high-speed cutting, as well as the low-production rates and high job variations commonly found in job shops, according to the company. Through its flexible, modular design, customers can equip the system to meet a myriad of individual needs.

The WMC2 Waterjet Machining Center comes fully equipped with streamline operation and enhanced ergonomics, and is available in the latest generation of Flowmaster PC or Siemens CNC control. Included is an optional multi-head Paser ECL Plus cutting system or dual head Dynamic Waterjet capability for high productivity. The Waterjet Machining Center 's modular design means the WMC2 can be equipped with a variety of Intensifier or Hyplex pumps and cutting heads, so customers can select the right pump and number of cutting heads for their current application and be upgraded as well.

“Through the WMC2, we've developed what we believe to be the fastest and most flexible waterjet system on the market today,” said Stephen Light, President and CEO of Flow International. “Our goal is to keep our customers competitive now and into the future, and the WMC2, with its simplicity, high reliability and ease of use, is designed to do just that.”

Circle No. 297