GE Superabrasives introduces MBS Si2 diamonds and MBS XL saw diamonds. According to the company, the Si2 coatings effectively shield the crystals from the destructive chemical reaction between iron and diamond. The Si2 coatings are strong carbide formers that create adhesion to the diamond surface. By alloying with the high iron content in the matrix, they achieve crystal bond retention. As a result, crystal pullouts from the bond are significantly reduced and every diamond can be used to its full working potential, according to the company.

The new MBS 950XL and 960XL saw diamonds are enhanced designs of MBS 950 and MBS 960 diamonds geared to succeed under the most adverse conditions in critical stone applications, according to GE Superabrasives. Enhanced cutting parameters and longer tool life can be achieved in high impact applications, such as granites, reinforced concrete, and asphalt. MBS XL diamonds are said to reduce the risk of field failures significantly. The products are a result of GE¿s proprietary diamond design technology. Circle No. 244