Approximately 100 members of the German industrial diamond industry participated in Diamond Tour 2000, which was organized by Dr. Fritsch.

In an attempt to unite the German industrial diamond industry, Dr. Fritsch of Fellbach, Germany, held Diamond Tour 2000 from October 7 to 8. Approximately 100 members of the stone and construction industries gathered for a drive through the German, Austrian and Italian Alps, where a gala dinner was awaiting them once they reached their final destination in a small Italian ski village.

The participants were organized into small groups, which traveled as motorcades through the scenic mountain region. While a number of people chose to ride motor bikes, others completed the drive in convertibles. But unexpected snowy conditions caused for convertible tops to be up and slippery rides for the motor bikes. Despite the wintry weather elements, however, the event was a success for the participants.

According to Stefan Burckhardt, the company's marketing director, the tour was a change of pace for the Germans, who are typically conservative. "It's not the German mentality to say, 'Hey, we're the greatest,' " he said. Therefore, Burckhardt came up with the idea of the diamond tour as a way for Dr. Fritsch to show appreciation to its customers and create a social setting for everyone to celebrate the prosperity of the German industrial diamond business.

Diamond Tour 2000 was organized by Motorrad Action Team, a German organization that specializes in such events. The organization not only supplied road maps and guides to ride along with the motor bikers, but it also made all hotel accommodations.

In total, the tour included 28 motor bikers and 32 convertibles. Participants came as far as Korea and the U.S. Other countries represented included Austria, Great Britian and Italy.

Other sponsors of the event included Arntz Sägetechnik, Heinrich Mummenhoff, SGL Carbon Group, Edesso Sägen Und Messer, Rofin Sinar Laser, Syndimant GmbH and Diarop S.A.

Since Diamond Tour 2000 proved to be a success, Dr. Fritsch is looking to organize another social gathering for the industry in two years.