To provide an inviting, yet upscale environment for an office interior at Synergy Place in Dallas, TX, architect Mark Domiteaux used premium building materials throughout the design. These included rich wood-work as well as Ivory Gold granite from India, which was a predominant material for the project.

The stone was imported and supplied by Stone-Tec of Garland, TX, which specializes in upscale projects in the region. The specifications called for Ivory Gold granite in both flamed and polished finishes, and the stone was utilized in a tile format as well as slabs. In addition to the Indian granite, Domiteaux specified Silver Pearl granite as an accent for the project. In all, about 20,000 square feet of stone was supplied for Synergy Place.

In some areas, the design uses Ivory Gold in a monochromatic pattern of large-format tiles, which contrast nicely with woodwork for the cabinetry and wall bases. In others, it is combined with the darker granite as an accent. These features can be found in the form of borders around the perimeter of specific rooms, and they were also specified as accent pieces to break up the fields of Ivory Gold tile.

At the stairwells, both tiles and slabs of Ivory Gold were used, with solid slabs being installed for the stair treads and tiles for the landings.

Natural stone can also be found in the bathrooms of Synergy Place, where it was specified for partitions as well as vanity tops housing multiple sinks. The builder for the project was Art Marsden.