Pellegrini Meccanica S.p.A. of Verona, Italy, is offering a new series of stationary diamond multiwire saws called Pentawire 2/5. These saws can cut from two up to five slabs of marble or granite at the same time, and the dimensions of the blocks can be a maximum of 3.5 x 2.1 m.

This family of machines is a merger result between the bigger Pellegrini multiwire family, Polywire, and the stationary single saw DF series, both of which are known worldwide.

Since the market demand is requiring investment costs to decrease without reducing quality, Pellegrini Meccanica R&D devised these saws to offer a high-quality, multi-saw machine with an affordable price. This family of saws has the same complete patented electro-hydraulic tension system as the Polywire. This Multi-Pull[r] system ensures the same tension in each wire, even if they are different in length.

The wire drive and tensioning units both use a set of independent flywheels made of Peraluman aircraft aluminium, ensuring high strength and light weight. Meanwhile, large flywheels measuring 235 cm in diameter, ensure wire long life. The precision block carriage is taken from the Pellegrini DF Jolly stationary saw, and it is able to handle blocks up to 40 tons in size (60 tons by request).

The precision rails of the block carriage -- combined with the tension system and a strong frame -- allow slabs to be cut to a tolerance of 1 mm. After blocks are processed, the resulting slabs can be directly processed in the polishing or resin machine.

The wire speed is adjustable from 0 to 40 m/second using an inverter, and the compact format of the machine and the reduced need of foundations allows for easy installation even where space is limited.