Launched in 1996, Thibaut reports that the T108 is the most widely distributed multifunction stoneworking center in the world, with 530 units sold to date. Thibaut's "brainchild" has continually been improved over the years, both in terms of functionality and of advantages.

Today, as a result of constant improvements, the T108 is not only one machine, but a complete range of machines: the T108S (in basic radial arm configuration); the T108L, which adds bridge translation and a degree of automation; and the T108A, which adds CNC automation and eliminates the need for templates. The T108 remains the original multi-tasking machine and is not a copy of anything else.

The T108 family includes all of the aspects that made the original machine such a success, including versatility (20 possible operations on a single machine); the ability to work with various thicknesses (kitchen tops, monuments, solid block stalls and basins); and the capability to work with various materials (granite, marble, natural and engineered stones).

Other hallmarks of the equipment include its ruggedness and the high quality of its components as well as its economical attributes (excellent quality/cost ratio; ability to rapidly pay for itself; and affordability).

The T108 can easily adapt to the needs of any fabricating shop's working style and growth. It has been engineered as a logical technical solution for machining and finishing of stone. Thibaut is represented in North America by Eurostone Machine of Atlanta, GA.