Pedrini now carries the Galaxy slab polishing machine, which offers operating continuity, optimum steadiness, high output, low maintenance and reduced abrasive consumption, the company reports. The Pedrini slab polishing machine is equipped with the most advanced software available today, including a system that limits head lifting to a minimum, while changing slabs and exiting laterally. The beam has continuous movement of 60 meters per minute, and no maintenance intervention is necessary.

The rotor spindles for operating the polishing plates or heads have been designed by Pedrini with direct and balanced motorization without using transmission belts and grooved shafts, thus eliminating radial stress on the spindle upper bearings and increasing their life significantly. A saving of the absorbed energy by about 15% can be achieved, Pedrini reports. The rotor spindles are further equipped with an easy-to-use individual device for precision centering to the processing plane. The best operating conditions for the polishing plates or heads are thus ensured, with the lowest tool consumption and the best processing quality.

The special Pedrini polishing heads have seven swinging sectors instead of six, and significantly increase the machine potential with the same number of heads.

Circle No. 294