Sun Touch[r] proudly introduces an ultra-low EMF “Wire Applied” system called, Warm Wire. The wire is built with a dual wire “field canceling” design to minimize EMF exposure. An innovative box dispenser including an integral spool, which has a single power lead and a ground wire located at one end of the cable, makes the installation of Warm Wire quick and simple.

Sun Touch has kept versatility in mind making Warm Wire in both 120vac and 240vac for multiple effects based on floor and room insulation. Warm Wire heating elements and power cables are armored to reduce jobsite abuse, and reinforced with DuPont Kelvar to protect against jobsite stretching and avoid causing hot spots. The heating elements are braided with 304 stainless steel braids and the power leads are braided with tin-coated copper. They are also grounded from end to end with full current carrying capacity to give maximum protection in case the wire is damaged.

Circle No. 298